Brain Fart


Every once in a while we all get IT.  And by IT I mean a Brain Fart.

I seriously cannot think of anything worth writing about so I guess I’ll just list a bunch of funny quotes from movies, and if you think you can guess them then post it in a comment.

1) “You sound like your from London!”

2) “I love you Jenny.”

3) “Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away.”

4) “Release the river!”

5) “Blimey Hermione.”

6) “I can do nothing for you son.”

Hopefully these quotes should be easy to identify 🙂




Check out that tongue!!

Isn’t this the most interesting/cute/amazing/weird/provocative/interesting…. wait…. I think I already said that…. oh well…. picture you have ever seen?!!
Not to brag or anything, but I took this with my iphone when there were multiple distractions in the room.  The distractions consisted of:
1) television
2) music
3) texting
4) food
5) people
6) and unicorns
With all of these distractions I was able to capture a once in a life time picture of a fire igniting between two different species.  And the coolest thing about this pic is that if you click it and click it again the dog’s tongue is a lot easier to see.

Watching Dogs Drinking Is Enticing


Two weekends ago my brother and sister-in-law visited my house in the Meadow.  With them, were their two furry children… or should I say dogs.  The names are Stella and Loki.

At first I wasn’t too thrilled about the furballs coming over because my precious puppy, Bella, gets dominated by them and I don’t particularly like breaking up dogs restling.

But, when the dogs came over they were pretty chill.  Stella, Loki, and Bella got along well and their moods were generally the same.  When one dog was energetic, the other two were energetic.   And when one dog was lazy, the other two were lazy.

The most interesting thing about these dogs was they way they all drank water frrom their bowls.  For some reason, when they drank, it sounded really cool.

They didn’t make a “splash splash” sound when they drank.  Instead, they made a “splush splush” sound.  I probably just sounded crazy when you read that last sentence, but that is the best way I can describe the sound that comes frm a dog when it drinks.

127 Hours


There are a number of things that people could do in 127 hours.  But of all the activites that a person could choose from, I guarantee that no one would choose cutting off your own arm.

On Saturday I watched one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen, 127 Hours.  This film was nominated as Best Picture for The Oscars, and the main actor, James Franco, was nominated for Best Male Actor.  With these nominations I knew that I was going to watch a good movie, but I was not prepared for how good it really was going to be.

127 Hours is a true story about a guy named Aron Ralston who, on one unfortunate day, got his arm stuck in a crevice in a canyon and couldn’t free himself.  He had to fight hunger, thirst, heat, cold, and thoughts of giving up.

The movie was extremely well done and I don’t think that any actor, other than Franco, could have played the part.  Franco was perfect for the movie and I was surprised that he didn’t win an Oscar, or any other award.  James Franco certainly has a bright future for acting and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is nominated for Best Male Actor within the next couple of years.

I would go further in depth of this movie, but I would prefer that you just watch the movie for yourself and enjoy the ride.

Summing up the story of my wisdom teeth


So, as you may know, my wisdom teeth were taken out last Friday.  Here’s the story that took place…

I woke up in the early morn and didn’t eat any breakfast because I wasn’t aloud to eat anything within 12 hours of the procedure.  it really wasn’t that hard for me not to eat anything so that was fine.

When 9:20 am came around my mom, my dad, and I drove to Dr. White’s building.  When we got there I was a little stressed because I didn’t like the idea of me not remembering anything.

My appointment was supposed to start at 10, but since service wasn’t the greatest.  40 minutes later I was called in to get my procedure done.

When I got in the room I sat in a comfy chair.  The nurses made small talk with me and when Dr. White came in he went right to it.  He got the needle and injected the posterior side of my wrist.  The shot didn’t hurt at all and I was wondering when I was going to start acting silly. 

Suddenly Dr. White asked me a very strange question.  Dr. White said, “So Paulo.  You feeling tipsy yet?”

At first I responded and said, “No.”  But shortly afterwards I said with a big smile, “Yeaaaaaaaah.”

After that moment everything else was swept from my memory.  That was my story.  Fun times.

Wisdom Teeth


Tomorrow at 10am I am going to get my Wisdom teeth pulled out.

For years, actually, I have been waiting for this moment.  There are two reasons for this:

1)  My older brothers got their Wisdom teeth (and they’re really cool so I wanted to be cool like them) and

2)  I wanted laughing gas

Are these reasons just?  I don’t really think so.  There’s a chance that this 4-day-weekend could be a disaster, but I would like to have a positive mind set towards that.

I will report back on my experiences in good time.  (Hopefully not right after the procedure because if I typed something on my blog then it probably wouldn’t make any sense).

future predictions: B.E.P. inspires the Packers to beat the Steelers


This coming Sunday night will be a night to remember.  Not only are the Steelers going to play the Packers in Superbowl, but the Black Eyed Peas are going to play at for the halftime show.

For this particular night I have a certain prediction.  A prediction that I know in my heart will come true.  And my prediction is this…..

At the end of the first half the Steelers will be up 28-7.  But after the Black Eyed Peas rock out in the center of the field, the Packers will come out of the locker room inspired and will come back to win 31-28.

My reasons for this prediction are simple….

1)  The Steelers are like the evil droids from Star Wars Episode 1 (aka the bady guys) and the Packers are like the Gungans (aka the race of Jar Jar Binks, aka the good guys). 

2)  The Black Eyed Peas are the best music group  ever and their songs are the bees knees.

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